Tags for Open House Events!

Open House, Grand Opening, or Annual Events are special with Custom Wineware Tags to celebrate the affair. Imprinted with your Company Logo and event information, you can easily identify your guests without wearing sticky name badges.

Perfect as a give away, or for use at a corporate event where stemmed glassware is used.

Look no further, our foil trimmed Wineware Tags are patented designs, exclusive to Imagery Products. Unique, elegant and functional, Custom Imprinted Wineware Tags will turn an ordinary stemmed glass into a party favor and a marketing tool which will get you noticed.

Assign a staff member or hostess to welcome your guests at the check-in by writing and personalizing each tag with their name.

Heres a fun idea: Put a mark on the back side of a tag for door prizes during the party!

If you're tired of giving away another coffee cup, hat, pen, scratch pad, ... set your company apart from the rest. Our Custom Wineware Tags are imprinted affordably using color digital printing technology.

Use Wineware Tags for:

  • Employee Recognition
  • Use as place cards at a corporate dinner
  • Promotional Give Away
  • Customer Appreciation
  • Company Party or Office Function

To receive information on how Imagery Products can help you customize your own Wineware Tags for your business, fundraising or charitable event, call us toll free at 888-459-9463.


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