Professional Wine Seminar Tags

Custom Wineware Tags allows you to maintain control over your wines during a wine tasting seminar. Once you begin to have wines of similar appearance and nose, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of the wines.

Have you ever been to a wine tasting event where groups or individuals have expressed drastically different opinions of a wine? One can easily get confused of which wine is which, just by lifting and then setting the glass down in its improper order, thereby mixing up the tasting sequence. Wineware Tags eliminate these problems. The name or the assigned number of the wine stays with the glass with Wineware Tags. Now all of the wine tasting participants can be assured they are drinking and discussing the same wine. Before the seminar begins,the wine server/attendant is guided by the labels to make sure that the proper wine is poured into the right glass for the tasting order.

The example below is one (1) of the three (3) wine seminars given at the 1999 KCBX Central Coast Wine Classic. Ten (10) different Pinot Noirs in ten (10) identical glasses can easily get out of order, totally diminishing the experience of the wine seminar. Get Wineware Tags for your next wine seminar, and be assured the right wine is in the right glass.

Custom Wine Seminar tags may be labeled with the varietal and number or labeled with only a number, leaving the bottom area free for jotting down tasting notes.

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